Top Female Porn Stars of 2016

Eskort Bayangaziantep
February 26, 2017

It is no doubt that the views of pornographic sites were prolific last 2016. Men are just so drawn to watching porn that when their eyes begin to fixate these pornographic images or videos, their bodies start to produce hormones driving them to fantasize the women in the scene. Well, these women just fantastically perform all those erotic acts that keep men watching. Men are indulged to watch these pornographic female artists because of their power to sexually stimulate guys. Here are the lists of top female porn stars of 2016 who were frequently searched, most mentioned and most admired by the pornography audience.

Leah Gotti

Leah Gotti is a 19 year old brunette who was raised in Texas. Last 2015, her adult film career began when she was ridiculously forced to participate in a sexual competition where she won. By then, she received a lot of offers from different pornographic websites that would pursue her career in porn. She has been in the industry for only two years or less and she already has more than 60 million views in a particular porn website. She admits that she loves sex and she is willing to explore more things about it. She says that she does not have any issue with whoever she works with.

Allie Haze

Allie Haze is a 29 year old sex star from California who first entered the adult film industry in 2009. She is an award-winning porn actress because of her enticing powers to allure thirsty men. She says that she does not need implants to be a top-performing porn star. She thinks her pretty and innocent face is a big bonus when she performs a hardcore sex. Allie Haze has over a hundred million views in a porn website.

Peta Jensen

Peta Jensen is an American adult film actress who came from Florida. Jensen was a club stripper before she entered the adult film industry. This 24 year old sex star has already over 200 million views on a porn site. She made her biggest break just last year when she had her first anal and interracial scenes. She is known to be a stunning and arousing brunette who has one of the best bodies in the industry although she admitted to have implants.

Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston is a 28 year old American adult porn star who lived in California prior to her pornography career. Aniston entered the industry as an adult model last 2010. This blonde bombshell has filmed over 200 adult films and was nominated several times. She says that she never holds back and she could totally do whatever is asked from her. She has more than 300 million views on a porn site.

Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas is a 31 year old adult star actress who lived in San Antonio, Texas prior to her adult film career. The American sex star has been in the industry for 10 years and became one of the top performing porn stars ever. She has over 500 million views and already made more than 600 adult films. She believes that aside from her busty features, her hard work and passion made her successful in her career. She prides herself as a Goddess of Sex.

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese American adult porn star who became one of the most popular porn stars in the industry. She just began her adult film career last 2014 and she already has an almost 500 million views. She was the most viewed porn actress of 2016 because of her overly arousing skills and busty features. The audience thinks she is a total package and definitely one of the hottest sex stars of all times. However, she received death threats when she wore a hijab in one of her videos. Mia pops her fans cherries so if your lucky you might find her on free sex sites or you might settle for some hot teen sex.

Riley Reid

Riley Reid is a 29 year old American pornographic actress who made her fist first appearance last 2011. She was raised in Florida and was a stripper before she started her career in the adult film industry. She was nominated several times and the first female sex star who won consecutive awards. In fact, she won the award for “Female Performer of 2016”. She believes that despite her petite body, she can amazingly penetrate any sexually acts which made the greatest impact in her career. Reid has an almost 700 million views in a particular porn site.

All these female porn stars have proven the industry that they are the hottest and the best adult stars of 2016. They are more than proud of what they have achieved at the end of the year. Basically, they are the reasons why men just cannot resist watching porn.